Disaster restoration services

Insurance Restoration Services

Insurance Restoration Services

The ceiling, walls, ductwork, and floor of your home can be affected by water from a roof leak or flood. Your household items and electrical appliances can become damaged as well. Insurance restoration services offer you a great way to restore your property immediately and prevent further damages while saving cost. For your professional insurance restoration services, Chambers Restoration is the ideal company to turn to.

At Chambers Restoration, we specialize in providing excellent and prompt water damage restoration services. Our water damage restoration process include cleaning, drying, and sanitizing, and restoring water-damaged areas in your home. Our trusted experts have the tools and experience no handle any water damage restoration project, no matter how small or large. We serve clients in Renton, Washington, and surrounding cities.

What Type Of Water Damage Is Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

Water damage insurance offers protection to homes that have been damaged by water. Home insurance is the second most cause of insurance claims according to ISO. But it's not every water damage that's covered by homeowners insurance. Water damage that's covered by homeowners insurance are:

Plumbing Problems: Water damage that's caused by pipeline blockages, and pipeline bursts are covered by homeowners insurance. Other plumbing systems when damaged that will be covered include Water heaters, sprinklers, fire sprinkler system, and air conditioners.

Flooding: Water damage that is caused by flooding is covered only in areas that are not prone to flooding. If an area is prone to flooding, standard homeowners insurance will not be able to offer you financial protection after water damage. However, if you live in an area where flooding rarely occurs, homeowners insurance will lend you a hand to find your way out of the situation.

Vandalism: Damage of your home plumbing system by someone that invades your home will be covered for by homeowners insurance policy. This is considered to have occurred without your own making and financial protection will be offered once you make a claim.

Rain: During storms, lightning or strong winds can damage your roof to make way for water from rainfall to penetrate into your home. This could cause damage and is normally included in your insurance policy. Homeowners insurance can only cover you if the rain is wind driven. If the water damage is caused by water penetrating the roof into a home because of roof corrosion or rotting, the damage won't be covered.

How Do I Deal With Insurance After Water Damage?

After water damage to your home, there are certain steps you have to follow to make a homeowners insurance claim. After water damage, report the claim to a homeowners insurance company. Describe the damages and corroborate them with photos. Call a water damage restoration company to help you assess the level of damage by the water intrusion. They will also offer you advice on which areas of your house that needs remediation.

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